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Monday, December 12, 2011

Setting Up Shop

It's been way to long since I last posted. Forgive me. Sometimes life just gets in the way! 
I have been busy moving my seed bead shop out of the antique mall and into a beautiful bead store, Waterlily Studios & Beads. What a beautiful, inspiring space it is. It's a perfect fit for my seed beads. 
I had to buy new racks for my set-up and I think they worked out well. The most time-consuming part of the endeavor has been the inventory process. I've been counting tubes of beads for many days now and I'm still not done. I have even been dreaming about counting them in my sleep. 
I promise to post a picture ASAP! I brought my camera with me the day I finished my set up and the battery was dead. Doh!
For any of my local friends or people traveling along the Oregon Coast, here is the address and phone number of the store:

Waterlily Studios & Beads
1901 Highway 101 Florence, OR 97439-8712
(541) 997-7339


  1. Wow, totally awesome. I don't bead but do visit Nicole at Beadwright who also does fantastic work. In fact she lives in Oregon as well. Thanks for much for sharing all this beauty and for following me, I you too. :) Take care and look forward to seeing your work. Take care.

  2. Hi Gloria! Yes, Nicole! We both live here in Florence so, I know her well! I discovered your blog through her blog. Thanks for following me, as well. I'm going to go visit you right now...

  3. Moving to a new store can be pretty exciting, no? Once you finish settling into your base of operations, you get the urge to work hard and get that business booming. So good luck! Keep the store organized and presentable, and soon enough, people will start coming in all interested and enjoying your services.