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Friday, September 4, 2009

First Post.

I signed up for this blog quite some time ago and have been procrastinating with my first post. I really wanted my first post to be something special, moving, profound. But I've decided that if I continue to wait for that moment to arrive, I may never post a darn thing! So, here I am to ramble.

Several weeks ago my Dad and my two brothers Louis and Kevin came up to visit me. They helped me move and clean an antique typeset case that I purchased to put my beads in. The case was super dusty and the inside of the drawers were caked in old ink. I'm extremely appreciative of all their help. I have successfully transported my beads and filled half of the drawers. Like many of my beader friends, I love to organize and fondle my beads. I lost all track of time while I was arranging my little beauties.

While the family was here visiting, we went on a hike up to Sweet Creek Falls. It was a gorgeous, unusually warm day. Barry, my partner, took some fantastic photos which I shall post as soon as I can figure out how! Wish me luck...

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