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Thursday, September 24, 2009

southwest adventures

We made it back safely from out southwest road trip. I just love being in the desert and basking in the sun. I think I must have been a lizard in a past life.
Speaking of reptiles... I almost stepped on a rattlesnake while in Tucson. We stayed at a fantastic house made of bottles. Yes, you read that right, bottles. Our gracious host, Dolores had just finished telling us to always carry a flashlight at night because that's when the rattlesnakes hunt. Apparently they don't rattle their rattles while they are hunting. I decided to walk across the driveway to get something from the car. Barry asked me if I wanted his flashlight, to which I replied, "no, it's okay. I'm not going very far. I think I can see alright." As I proceeded onto the driveway, I saw something move not more than two feet away from me. Then, I heard a rattle. I jumped to the side and exclaimed something like, "Holly s..t! there's a rattler right there!" They thought I was joking. Here's a picture of the little guy.

The wildlife was abundant amongst our bottle house digs. We also saw a tarantula, copious amounts of Colorado toads, which just so happen to contain psychedelic toxins (no I did not test this theory out but reminds me of the fantastic book by Tom Robbins: Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas), javalinas ran through the courtyard at night, and coyotes sang us to sleep. Let's not forget the bottle house guard dogs, Sweetie Pie (appropriately named) and her daughter, Sadiquie.

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