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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meanwhile...Back at the Ranch...

We made it safely to Harris Ranch last night after spending the whole day driving. Harris Ranch which is located in Coalinga, CA, has become a stopping point for us whenever we travel south. While, this destination designed to please the pallet of the carnivorous steak-lover doesn't exactly appeal to this vegetable-arian, the hotel certainly has its perks. One being, the fact that it is pet-friendly. Sadie Mae appreciates being able to travel with her two-legged family. Although she does find it rather exhausting.
We had dinner in the lounge last night and while I was completely zombied out from driving, my ears perked when I heard a the beautiful sound of an acoustic guitar and a heavenly voice singing in the far corner of the room. His rendition of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen nearly moved me to tears and as I looked around the large room, I was appalled to notice that only one other couple seemed to even notice he was playing. Everyone was talking loudly over the music or watching golf (??). When he finished I had to go tell him how impressed I was. Also, I had to slip him a twenty in his empty tip jar. People! Wake up! This guy is amazing! Hello.
Check out his website and be sure to listen to watch some of his videos:

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