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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh Em Geeee

Artwork by Darrin Brenner
Last night was amazing! I went to see Cubensis play at the Golden Sails in Long Beach and properly had my mind blown. Cubensis is a Grateful Dead tribute band that I've been seeing play since I was a young lass back in the early 1990's. I was fortunate enough to be able to see these guys play every week, sometimes more, for several years. I got to witness the transitions and evolutions of the band and various band members as they came and went. While, they have always been fantastic, I have to say that they have certainly reached new heights.
Now that I live in Oregon, I only get to see the band a few times a year. I realize how much I took the whole experience for granted and how lucky I am when I get to see show now and again. With the long periods of time in between shows, the incredible growth of the band is apparent every time I do get a chance to see them. As a budding guitar player, I'm always blown away by Craig Marshal's other-worldly solos. Last night he did not disappoint. And then there's Nate LaPointe. Sometimes I think he does Bobby better than Bobby does Bobby. Nate's a guitar player's guitar player. He's conservative with his notes but the ones he chooses to play really mean something. Know what I mean? And he plays a purdy gee-tar. What kind of guitar is that anyways? I tried to figure it out but couldn't quite see...
For those of you in the OC area, Cubensis plays the Orange County Fair on Thurs. night along with Delta Nove and Moon Alice. I plan on being there. Will you?
On a bead-related note, I got my Bead & Button 2012 class proposals all completed today and I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief! I even got them packed and ready to ship for Monday. Would you like to see a wee bit of a sneak peek?
Los Ojos Del Sol

That's your sneak peek for the day. More to come... Stay tuned.