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Monday, July 4, 2011

Tales of a Slacker

I've been a bit of a slacker blogger since I returned from Bead & Button. I apologize. Forgive me. Please.
I've been busy and I've been having some fun, too! Fun that involved music, lots of music.
The good Dr.'s head & some unknown person's head
     I saw Dr. John. I couldn't believe that practically everyone in room sat on their asses while Dr. John performed. This was Dr. John, for Pete's sake! I sat for about half the show and when I just couldn't take it anymore, I slipped out of the pew (the Shed is an old church), made a beeline for the front of the room just off stage left, and found a small group of peeps to dance with. It was the best view in the house. I had ample opportunity to take some fantastic photos but this is the only one I got. I was just too busy dancing. 
     Next, I saw Steve Earle. Barry managed to purchase front row tickets! There's something so very cool about a performer looking you in directly in the eye as they are performing their hearts out. There's nothing like it. 

Steve in Action
     My good friend Peter Giri and his lovely girlfriend Rosemary stayed over Fri. and Sat night. It was wonderful to spend a little bit of time visiting with them on Sat. afternoon. We are always so busy that we rarely get to visit but we did manage to take some time to drink coffee, listen to music and enjoy some sunshine out on my front porch. Peter's full of great stories. I listened to tales of him sitting in a living room in Macon, Georgia, hanging with Duane Allman as he strummed his guitar. Duane wanted to jam with him but Peter was too shy to play. Peter's band Cowboy, used to tour with the Allman Brothers Band.
     I got to see Peter, Petee as I call him, perform Sat. night and danced my heart out at Traveler's Cove here in Florence. A great time was had by all. 
     Needless to say, after being around all of this music, I was feeling inspired to play my guitar. I really haven't played since I returned from Bead & Button so, I decided on Sat. afternoon that it was time to bust out Neil (my guitar). I was so pumped and ready rock! I tuned my tellie, hooked up the wah-wah pedal to the amp, turned the amp on, played for about 20 seconds and then.... static followed by a loud POP! The power light on my amp went out and then the smell of burning. Burning fuse I imagine. Doh! I wasn't even playing loud. My amp was not turned to 11, let's put it that way. What the...? Luckily my amp's still under warranty so, I'll have to figure out where to take it. Man, that's frustrating. 


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