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Friday, February 4, 2011

Crazy Busy Days

I've been so busy every day since I've been here in Tucson that every night I sit down with the intention of blogging, I'm so damn tired that I can't seem to put the words down. So, I thought I'd try and recap the last few days here.
Tues. night was the Interweave Party which is always a treat. This is a night were everyone puts on their best jewelry creations and it is perfectly acceptable to stare at the chests of strangers. I ran into lots of old friends and made some new friends. Here is Cathy Collison of Glass Garden Beads and my new friend Jess.
I like how I captured the "women" sign without even noticing it.

And here's a random shot of the crowd:
It's funny that I talked to a number of people the following day who attended the party but I never even saw them there.
So far I've attended Gem Mall, the Best Bead Show, To Bead to Blue and Jogs. The Best Bead is always my favorite not only because so many of my friends are exhibiting there but because of the incredibly talented number of glass artisans there. I always get into way to much trouble there. I will show some photos of  my purchases later.
Do you know what day it is? I loose track here in Tucson. Which is why it's such a fortunate thing that the lovely, talented Kate McKinnon gifted me one of her super cool ring calenders. She totally made my day. Kate is awesome. I think everyone needs one of these babies. groovy ring calender Trust me, you need one.
Check out her blog. It is one of my absolute favorites:http://katemckinnon.wordpress.com/

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