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Friday, February 11, 2011

JOGS Beadwork Show

While I was in Tucson, my good friend Marcie Stone told me about the International Beadwork show going on at the JOGS show. I went to check it out and take some photos for her. While I was really impressed with the quality of beadwork in the show, I must admit I was disappointed in the presentation. Necklaces appeared to be thrown haphazardly on stands, some beadwork didn't even have identification tags and to sum it up, there was just no "flow" to the presentation.
I kick myself in the ass for not asking to have Marcie's gorgeous button necklace straightened.
Look at the way the pieces above hers hang over the edge of the glass and look as if they were just piled in the case sideways. I'm sorry, I don't remember whose pieces they were or if they even had tags.
Here's a picture of all three of Marcie's pieces:
Like I said, the beadwork was impressive but had a little more thought and time been put into the presentation, it could have really been nice.

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