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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Work in Progress

I've been working on this collar for several months now. I'm happy to report that I added the clasp last night and I should be finished with the fringe by tonight. No, I WILL be done with the fringe tonight, if I have to stay up all night. I thought I'd post the work in progress.
These wonderful stones were cut by rock god Gary Wilson. They include copper fire brick and Moroccan mud crack. That's right mud crack. No, not butt crack. Also, among the mix are keishi and freshwater pearls,Swarovski crystal, 24k gold charlottes and bronze charlottes. I used to use Lacy's as a bead foundation, however, since I discovered Nicole's Beadbacking, that's all I use. It comes in many nice colors and is less than half the cost. Amen.
Sorry for the blurrrr...

Almost done...
Stay tuned for the finished product, which includes a fine, handmade brass clasp, brass chain, and super fringy fringe.

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