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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Return from Portlandia Part I

I had a really nice weekend in Portland and while sales were not through the roof, I met many wonderful people and got a chance to visit with some friends. The amount of talent packed into this one show was overwhelming and I left feeling particularly inspired.
I got a chance to check out the most recent work of my good friends Marcie and Greg of Hanson-Stone. Marcie does incredible beadwork and Greg is an amazing glass artist. I'm always blown away by his glass work and this time was no exception.
I had to make a daily pilgrimage to visit the mindblowingly fantastic work of Teresa Sullivan. The craftsmanship of her work is over the top but what I like most about her work is that it makes you think. If you ever get a chance to view her work in person, you really should. Plus, she's super cool! And she plays the bass. How much cooler could she be?

I swiped this photo from Teresa's site. This is one of the pieces I drooled on at her booth this weekend. 

I picked up a few goodies from Lani and James at Bullfrog and I-Ching Beads. Lani is a sweetheart and it was nice to get a chance to visit with her. Her and her husband make awesome glass beads. I got into trouble at their booth and if I hadn't maintained some amount of restraint, I could have gotten into a world of more trouble.
The forecast called for sunshine today but alas, it is gloomy once again. I'm so tired of this weather. I long for sunshine and find myself excruciatingly homesick for southern CA. I don't care about the traffic. I don't care about the smog. Just give me sunshine...

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