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Monday, March 15, 2010

Beads, Bees, Blossoms & Bass Guitars

Ahhh... the buzz of spring is in the air. I can feel it! I just went for an invigorating walk in my beautiful, woodsy neighborhood. The sweet smell of jasmine, honeysuckle and blooms a'bloomin was most intoxicatingly heavenly. I saw numerous bumble bees and along the way I came across two different families of deer. I'm happy to report that the deer are looking rather healthy this year. It must be all of the tulips they've been munching on in my neighbor's garden.
While walking, listening to Willie Dixon on my ipod (which by the way, is fantastic walking music that makes you want to strut your stuff), I stumbled upon some skeletal remains along the side of the road. I'm not sure if it was a nutria or an oppossum because the skull was missing. I've decided I'm going to go back tomorrow and collect some of the vertebrae to use in a beading project. I'm taking Laura McCabe's (http://justletmebead.com) Master Class at Bead & Button this year and the focus is on using unusual materials in your beadwork. So, my eyes are especially open to seeking out unconventional objects.
Is it the arrival of spring that has me feeling so good today? It could be. Was it the acupuncture treatment I had today for my allergies? That definitely helped. Was it the impromptu bass guitar lesson I had with my friend Peter Giri http://petekowalke.com/ yesterday? That was certainly a ton of fun. Could it have been a great weekend with two nights in a row of live music with incredible musicians? That must be it. Whatever it is, I ain't complainin'!

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  1. Hey Kelly glad you had a good time with all of the above.