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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


As an artist myself, I'm curious about what it is that inpires fellow artists. What is it that inpires you? Music is a BIG inspiration for me. I had my first guitar lesson today from a man who is a huge inspiration to me. Okay, well to be honest I've actually had three previous lessons from three different people during the course of the past 10 years. So, technically it wasn't my first lesson. However, I learned so much today that it might as well have been my very first lesson.
Part of the problem may have been that I wasn't in the right head space to learn. In one instance it was definatinatly poor instruction and a bad circumstance. But in order to protect the names of the innocent or in one case, not-so innocent, they shall remain nameless and I shall leave the circumstances to your vivid imaginations. I will only add the minor detail that the instuctor quickly drew the blinds and curtains around the house as soon as I entered and made a comment about wanting to teach me of things non-guitar related. I couldn't get out of the place fast enough, let me tell you. The second lesson involved San Fransisco rush hour traffic and an auto accident on the way home. A series of unfortunate events...
Today the guitar gods were with me. I had a lesson from guitar guru Byron Case, who recently inspired me to pick up my guitar again. I've been practicing every single day since I saw him play just over two weeks ago. Not only is the man a phenomenal guitar player but he has he patience of a glacier, a saint- truly. I put his patience to the test today so I know this for a fact. I learned that everything I thought I knew, I didn't really know.  I've been playing along with my cd's, strumming chords I've taught myself, thinking I was really making progresss- cool as a cucumber, when really I don't know my elbow from my g-string. Suffice it to say, I learned I have a lot to learn.
But... an important connection was made. I found someone I think I can really learn from. Someone, who has some of the same heros I do, and is familiar with what I want to learn. Not only familiar with, but proficient in.  A big thank you goes out to the guitar gods. I think this is just what the doctor ordered.
Here's a picture of my guitar. Nadine is her name.

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