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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doug MacLeod

When I lived down in southern CA I was lucky enough to be able to go and see a local guitar player almost weekly. This man is the reason I bought my first guitar. This man is Doug MacLeod. Not only is he a phenomenal guitar player but the man is full of great stories. I got bit hard by the blues bug listening to his stories not only while watching him play but also listening to him on the radio. He was the host of Nothin' But Blues on the long beach radio station KLON. I used to volunteer during the fund drives in hopes that I might get to work during his shift. I never did get to, it was always just before or just after his slot.
I haven't seen him play in several years and I'm just beside myself with excitement that he is playing in Eugene tomorrow, March 17th- St. Patty's day. For all of my local friends: you should really go and check him out! He'll be at Cosmic Pizza at 7pm. Also, he'll be on the radio 88.1 KLCC at 2pm so, give him a listen.
Here's a video from you tube:

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