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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finally a Finalist

I was completely convinced that since I hadn't heard back from Beadwork about the Beaded Earth Contest, that I had been rejected. But today I received an email congratulating me! I was so excited that I nearly fell off my chair!
But wait it gets even better... my friend Charmaine Pesnell, who also believed she was rejected was also accepted. We were both commiserating about our rejection over lunch the other day so, when I called her this morning to tell her to check her email, we were both felt silly about our wallowing in self pity.
I even signed the back:


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful beadwork!!!! great colours!!!

  2. I am in love!!!! What a wow-piece: Congratulations!!!!
    All Best,

  3. Yea! That is a stunning piece and I cannot even fathom how long (much less how it was done!) it took to complete. So beautiful and extraordinary. I can see that I would stare at it for hours and find hidden realms leaping out at me! LOVE that you signed it as well, as any master work of art should be! Enjoy the day!

  4. Thank you all very much for your nice comments! You made my day!