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Monday, April 25, 2011


Someday I shall publish a book with all of my Bead & Button Bead Dreams Show rejection letters. I got in the show once back in 2007 and I haven't figured out how to get back in. Alright- enough with my pity party. I've seen pictures of many of the other rejects on facebook so, at least I know I'm in good company.
Here's the piece that didn't make it in:
Metamorphosis is a sculptural wall hanging that I started last year in Laura McCabe's  master class at B&B. The head is a antique porcelain doll piece cut by Gary Wilson. The segmented body is comprised of two pieces of fossil deer antler I picked up in Tucson a few years back.
 Other materials include, seed beads, vintage and contemporary glass stones and cabochons, nailheads, crystals, freshwater pearls, wire, beadbacking and Ultrasuede.
You can come and visit her in Portland this weekend at the PBS show at the convention center. Click on the image below to enlarge for details or visit the Portland Bead Society website for more info.


  1. I think she is fabulous - and she looks like she knows how fabulous she is! Love the vintage doll head - how cool is that???! And I would never have taken a deer antler and think butterfly. You've got vision girl ;)

  2. Beautiful beadwork!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!
    pretty colors!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Kelly. Sorry you didn't make it. Just put it behind and go forward. Safe trip to Portland see you when you get home.

  4. WOW! You are amazing. I LOVE LOVE that butterfly. WOw. Also love the cuff you show as your avatar and the piece on your header. Your work is amazing. I'm off to browse the rest of your blog and see your other work.

  5. Thank you, Lisa! You are very sweet.